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Appreciation For Alternative Genres And The Arts Must Start From Young

With the variety of different artistes to sample, one will be privy to an equal number of musical genres and types of shows” (How Singapore Can Be World-Class Concert Venue: More Demand For Diverse Music Acts, Miss Jill Alphonso).

I was deeply intrigued by Miss Jill Alphonso’s article, “How Singapore Can Be World-Class Concert Venue” (January 15, 2010).

Indeed, in Singapore, there has been the gradual – yet subtle – proliferation of alternative music, arts, and various forms of entertainment genres. The growth and promotion of alternative acts are complementing the potential increases in concert venues and arenas across the island, and it is of little doubt that Singaporeans would be exposed to a greater variety of performances in the upcoming years.

However, it also means that concert-goers must be prepared to develop an appreciation for the diversity in dispositions and styles on-stage. Over the years, with increasing focus on the importance of cultural and arts comprehension – be it in terms of music, art, dance or plays – schools and families have recognised that these forms of understanding and development of etiquette must start from young. Through a multitude of field-trips and school events, students and youths have progressively heightened their personal awareness and valuation of the arts in general. Moreover, the advent of globalisation has allowed them greater access to mainstream forms of entertainment, exposing them simultaneously to a plethora of modern cultures.

The same can be done for alternative genres. In addition to the current efforts in schools and at home, students and youths can be exposed to these new alternative forms – from grunge to punk to indie – through the existing methodologies and channels. Furthermore, the appreciation can be coupled with interactive lessons on the backgrounds of the genres and performers, and encouraging individuals to reflect on the audio-visual experiences. Going one step ahead, performers can go on school tours for meet-and-greet sessions, with question-and-answer opportunities for students and educators alike.

Of course, entertainment is not limited to the music industry per se. As we move on, we will expand our horizons, and explore alternative forms of arts to discover newfound and engaging perspectives.

A version of this article was published in My Paper.

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