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Celebrating Mother’s Day: Success Goes Beyond Gender

While there are no concrete statistics, anecdotal observations from industry players suggest that there is an increase in the number of ‘mumpreneurs’ here” (The Rise Of Mumpreneurs: Family Remains Top Priority For Moms, Miss Esther Au Yong).

I read with interest the report, “The Rise Of Mumpreneurs” (May 7, 2010) by Miss Esther Au Yong; but at the same time am not surprised in the increasing trend of mothers actively utilising the Internet as an effective and efficient medium to conduct various forms of sales and business. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, not only should we acknowledge their achievements in their establishments, but also their wonderful abilities to balance work and family in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Over the decades, the advent of globalisation – notably in industrialised countries – has brought about significant changes in the demographics of working professionals and entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of gender inequality and instances when women were discouraged from venturing into any forms of careers; needless to say starting up businesses or enterprises. Moreover, with greater connectivity and communications, individuals in general – including women – have found that the Internet brings about an assortment of benefits: such as heightened accessibility, reduced costs, greater flexibility et cetera.

Entrepreneurship is a constructive and viable option for mothers who wish to explore the finer aspects of business aspirations, without compromising time in the household and with their families. In the age of multi-tasking, mothers can definitely handle the demands of their on-line endeavours whilst taking care of their spouses and children. The increasingly diverse needs of the population can be addressed by creative manipulations to common household or utility items; hence giving the mumpreneurs different possibilities in their sales and marketing.

Of course, entrepreneurship comes with its association of risks and threats; and on-line entrepreneurship is unquestionably not exempted from them. The proliferation of such on-line services simultaneously means that individuals would have to contend with more competitors to have a piece of the pie. Aspiring mothers who wish to try their hand out must be cognisant of the challenges ahead, and explore around existing portals to avoid overlaps or similar sales of products. Moving ahead, mumpreneurs could band together to establish a society to network with on another, and also to induct and orientate new-comers into the foray of entrepreneurship.

On-line entrepreneurship is indeed a worthy undertaking for many aspiring Singaporean mothers. The multitude of websites already established and prospering on the Internet proves that with right concepts and attitudes, mothers should have no fear in breaking these new grounds. Competition might be stiff; yet in this dynamic atmosphere nothing is ever impossible.

A version of this article was published in My Paper.

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