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Bantustanisation In The Palestinian Territories

Israel’s decision to partly open the West Bank Highway 443 to Palestinians is encouraging and a step – albeit a small one – towards addressing the claims of segregation and overt suppression of Palestinian human rights. The move has been guided by the right Israeli principles of recognition and reconciliation; however, the opening of the highway per se would have limited practical benefits.

Furthermore, the highway is but a footnote to the greater Israel-Palestine conflict. Since Israel emerged victorious in the 1967 Six-Day War, the administration’s policies of management have been criticised as collective imprisonment. The assortment of checkpoints, blocked roads and various forms of disruption has been a constant source of dissent and criticism. The maintenance of the status quo, and the strong insistence by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his administration, has resulted in an unfortunate deadlock between the involved parties.

It seems almost logical for the Arab League, the United States (USA) and the United Nations (UN) to play the roles of mediators. Israel’s distrust of the latter is certainly not misplaced; but, channels for diplomatic overtures and peaceful resolutions need to be open for eventual, tangible equilibrium to be sensitively struck.

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