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A Survey On National Service In Singapore [For NSFs]

What is the purpose of this survey?
– Emphasise the importance of engaging with national servicemen full-time (NSF).
– Facilitate the Ministry of Defence’s (MINDEF) efforts to gather honest, unaltered perspectives from their NSFs.
– Allow NSFs to be cognisant of their rights – without compromising their roles, responsibilities or revealing confidential information – to have their views heard and constructively discussed.
– Highlight key concerns suggested by NSFs, and explore relevant solutions or recommendations.
– Encourage MINDEF to expand the scope and relevance of such surveys, and recognise the value of increased engagement with NSFs.

The survey can be accessed here. Please do me a favour and spread the word around; any form of publicity is greatly appreciated.

I have already gotten some great and constructive feedback; therefore, over the coming week I hope to garner more responses so that they can be collated and brought to the attention of the Ministry of Defence MINDEF). I believe MINDEF deserves to hear about the many sentiments that have – unfortunately – remained buried under layers of regimentation and bureaucracy, and work towards making National Service a more positive experience for each and every NSF.

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