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Making A Difference In Singapore: StandUpFor.SG

On National Day this year, a few individuals decided to come together to do something for a country they loved very much, and hence galvanised 300 Singaporeans to commit themselves to start somewhere, to begin standing up for the people that matter in the country. For some time now, there have been a lot of people highlighting events and ideas that discourage rather than encourage us as citizens, spiralling into emotion that does little in bringing us forward as a nation and a people. StandUpFor.SG (here) is a movement of optimism and love for the many people that have made Singapore what it is today. Certainly, there are several groups to have gratitude for, including our foreign friends and the many less advantaged in Singapore. This time, the focus for our project is mothers and the elderly.

In the words of Miss Yvonne Chia, part of the steering committee for StandUpFor.SG:

Our mothers and their children represent Singapore’s future.
Our elderly represent Singapore’s vital cornerstone and foundational past.
Our vision is to gather together committed Singaporeans on National Day and spread our appreciation for the mothers and elderly in our nation.

A simple way forward is to support them in having people stand-up on National Day and offer their seats for these wonderful people. Surely we can create a public transport system that is amazing not just because it has first class infrastructure but also because we inhabit and serve a first class community. We wish to see Singaporeans build habits of graciousness and community awareness and are eager to do our part in making this happen.

As Singaporeans we do not plan on just sitting by and watching the work of so many Singaporeans before us being destroyed by persistent anger, cynicism and mistrust. Certainly there is value in dissent. But let us remember that above all, this, is love.

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3 thoughts on “Making A Difference In Singapore: StandUpFor.SG

  1. Please count me in. How do I join? Allow me to commend the person who started this movement. Honestly, I think it has been long overdue.

    Posted by Bob Tan | August 14, 2012, 2:06 pm


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