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National Service: Greater Integration Between Soldiers

This is part of my month-long “Brevity is Clarity” endeavour, inspired by a friend’s Facebook post (here) which reminded me of the importance of getting points across cleanly and clearly. 160 words, 5 points, 1 issue. Check out the complete collection (here).

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It would be constructive for the Singapore Armed Forces to introduce more channels for cross-unit and vocation exchanges.

1. National Service presents a good platform for integration between soldiers, given the diversity in backgrounds, beliefs, and attitudes. When managed intelligently, opportunities can also be created for the gathering of useful feedback.

2. It would be constructive for the Singapore Armed Forces to introduce more channels for cross-unit and vocation exchanges.

3. These activities could take the form of mini-immersions or information about different segments of the army (the overseas deployments, regimes in the training institutes, understand the big picture). We could bring together soldiers, including regulars, for sessions where they would talk about their roles and responsibilities, and their military experiences in general.

4. Furthermore, focus group discussions with interested servicemen would allow the administration to solicit honest, on-the-ground viewpoints about shortcomings in units.

5. Beyond the present compilation of “life-changing stories”, it would be equally meaningful to engage past servicemen, for them to provide honest perspectives on their time in service, and how they think the status quo can be improved.

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2 thoughts on “National Service: Greater Integration Between Soldiers

  1. IMO, no incentive for the top brass. And even if they do make an effort to solicit honest, on-the-ground opinions, it’d probably be PAP-style. “Engage” Singaporeans then chiong 6.9m.

    Posted by IGoCrazyBecauseOfYou | February 16, 2013, 11:47 pm
    • Give them some credit la – I think that SOME members of the top brass do care. It’s just that our negative perceptions are amplified because of our own biases and negative experiences in the army.

      Jin Yao

      Posted by guanyinmiao | March 11, 2013, 6:29 pm

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