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We Have The Right To Criticise Our Student-Leaders

This is part of my month-long “Brevity is Clarity” endeavour, inspired by a friend’s Facebook post (here) which reminded me of the importance of getting points across cleanly and clearly. 160 words, 5 points, 1 issue. Check out the complete collection (here).

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Our student representatives should not be imbued with a holier-than-thou attitude. Criticisms must be embraced.

1. Of late, in response to students who comment on how the school administration or Nussu “spams” their email accounts excessively, and the perceived redundancy or ineffectiveness of the programmes and initiatives, some have posited that we should not criticise our student-leaders so conveniently.

2. The argument goes: these individuals who “serve” the school selflessly sacrifice time and effort, to voluntarily organise events for our benefit. We must recognise these contributions. We should be appreciative (and thankful).

3. Bollocks, I say. We deserve to criticise our student-leaders. Being appreciative of the intent of the various endeavours while criticising their actual utility are not mutually exclusive notions.

4. I would love to see a student “volunteer” who spends his time for the organisation of events, but make no mention of the project involvements or leadership in his resume. Then I will be more convinced that the motivations are purely altruistic.

5. Our student representatives should not be imbued with a holier-than-thou attitude. Criticisms must be embraced.

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