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I Don’t Belong Here

I had an interview last Thursday. It went okay-well (I certainly hope). After the session, the applicants were gathered in the holding room, and these were some of the conversations that went on around me:

How are your results, second-lower or second-upper? Nah, first-class last semester, but the modules this semester are really tough. Think I won’t do as well, feel like I am going to slip a little, so hopefully that will not affect my overall grade point that badly.

Year one or year two? How has school been? Are the modules manageable? It’s really tough, dealing with examinations and projects and assessments. Do you know we have so many continuous evaluations? Four or five tests over the module, how screwed up is that?

I think my school is better actually, in terms of giving us opportunities. Maybe the alumni here are not that strong, so it is harder for networking and the establishing of connections. You sure you made the right decision?

What are you doing over the summer? Is this your first application or interview? No. I’ve applied to quite a number of places already. Don’t you know; it’s really important to get a head-start in this industry, if you want to make it big. Think my company’s really prominent.

Guys, maybe I should show you around, because I used to work here. Maybe I should find my supervisors and managers too, though it wouldn’t be of much use or help because they aren’t very high-ranking in the company.

You haven’t got an internship yet (shock-horror)? How can that be? What school are you from? Have you tried approaching this career counsellor from this department yet; he’s / she’s really good? Will do, thanks!

There’s nothing ostensibly wrong la. I just don’t belong here.

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A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. Carlos Castaneda.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Belong Here

  1. Omg the superficiality, shallowness and insignificance of it all. When I hear these kinda things in school, I feel pretty disgusted. Especially when I know the ppl so caught up in all these can know the daily happenings of international financial markets and Wall Street yet know shyt about their own community and country. It really makes me question the quality of my supposedly ‘intellectually capable’ peers. They should be doing more meaningful and significant things with their lives man, for themselves and for their nation.

    Your article really reminds me of what Cherian George wrote in his book ‘Air Conditioned Nation’. Too many Singaporeans with the resources and ability to effect change are just content to sit back and enjoy the material comforts of life…

    Posted by IGoCrazyBecauseOfYou | April 20, 2013, 10:34 pm
    • Haha I tell you about it next time we meet (after finals, sigh). I think there’s nothing wrong with knowing about financial markets and the like, but it has to be accompanied by some cognisance of issues in Singapore. We have the potential to do much more here.

      Did you read that for a module! You still have the book?

      Jin Yao

      Posted by guanyinmiao | April 20, 2013, 10:41 pm

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