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Learning To Write Again

– Grateful for the chances to learn and write, after a period of complacency in junior college. The workplace (here) exposed me to the rigours of critical thinking and argumentation, the school programme has challenged me to write academically (here, here, and here), while the news site (here) has taught me the importance of online communication, even after many years of blogging.

– Grateful, that my pieces are read and edited. Even more grateful when my drafts undergo surgery.

– Grateful for the opportunities to call agencies spontaneously, to report on local events, and to constantly challenge the status quo in Singapore; in essence, to make tiny steps into the world of journalism (even though it is ultimately a personal interest, not a career choice).

– Grateful for the criticisms, especially the harsh reminders when I become too self-absorbed, careless in my writing or reporting (as it has happened very recently), or fail to consider the perspectives of others. Often, it is my closest friends who – beyond the cruel realms of the Internet – nudge me, to remind me of the implications of my writing. And I am humbled most of the time.

– Grateful that I’ve finally found something I love. And falling in love is incredible.

About guanyinmiao

A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. Carlos Castaneda.



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