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Visit Saint Petersburg

Planning a short trip to the city of Saint Petersburg? Here are some recommendations*. To view all the photographs (with the captions in full) of each city, click on any image and navigate using the left and right keys.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

* Not an advertisement, and also not sponsored (unfortunately).

Check out The Finland Chapter, from start to finnish.

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4 thoughts on “Visit Saint Petersburg

  1. Hello Jin Yao


    How do you “construct” your blog like this? It’s amazing, the captions, and I’ve never before seen the shutter and aperture of photos taken by an iPhone 4S!

    By someone who claims not to know much about photography… 😉

    It’s a WordPress blog. Is this the basic version, or some premium version you pay for? USD 100 a year? How do you chose the options to make a blogpost with photos and captions and how do you transfer the iPhone photos, figure you don’t write the blog post on the iPhone?

    Myself have chosen a blog name, and have got basic WP account a few months ago, haven’t started to write yet. Nor explored the options/layout. As I go travelling in April I know for sure I’ll take many photos, and could start just off my blog by the photo/ caption concept.

    Was about to send you a brief email, as I saw your newsletter on the blog, on the topic of you possibly coming Bergen, when I just discovered how clever this blog was. Missed this features on your previous photo blogs, sure they are designed the same way.

    Okay, letting the dog out, then the email I’ve been promising you for months, Jin Yao, a brief version, at 2 am.

    Kind regards


    Sent from my iPad ส่งจาก iPad


    Posted by Colin Tom | March 28, 2014, 9:07 am
    • Hei!

      I’m using the basic version of WordPress (no upgrades purchased). The platform is always introducing new features, and bloggers can now create a gallery quite easily (as I have done on this Finland trip).

      This is not the only layout available. You can choose from slideshows to galleries et cetera. I chose this particular format because my captions are usually longer.

      We will continue our correspondence through email 🙂

      Jin Yao

      Posted by guanyinmiao | March 28, 2014, 1:24 pm


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