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Social Enterprises In Singapore – A Survey

Social enterprises are the in-thing. Following calls for greater regulation of social enterprises in Singapore, on Monday ST featured different entrepreneurs who have used business strategies to advance a social cause, to “provide jobs to the needy or plough profits back into funding social programmes” (ST, Sept. 15) for instance. Earlier this year in response to a commentary in the ST I argued that the social entrepreneur could be forced to have “skin in the game”, to reduce a wishful reliance on government grants and expertise. A social enterprise cannot rely on the goodwill of the public, and must develop a sustainable and profitable business model.

I am now working on a research study to determine the perceptions towards social enterprises in Singapore, and would appreciate if you could take five to 10 minutes to complete a survey through one of these links:

Link 01 | Link 02 | Link 03 | Link 04 | Link 05
Link 06 | Link 07 | Link 08 | Link 09 | Link 10

Many thanks in advance!

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