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“You Won’t Believe These Five Possibilities Of (And Threats To) Socio-Political Blogging In Singapore”

Delivered a speech at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Social Policies Forum – themed “Expression in the New Media Age: Possibilities and Threats” – organised by the NUS Political Association, and drew from personal experiences since 2009, lessons from The Middle Ground (and previously, Breakfast Network), and why more of my friends – many with great perspectives and even better writing skills – should start blogs or write more actively. Here’s the presentation I used at the event (image is linked to the PDF):

Social Policies Forum

During the event, Jolene Tan from the Association of Women for Action and Research spoke of her involvement in social media and advocacy, freelance journalist Kirsten Han shared the sexism and misogyny she has experienced as an activist and journalist, while Dr. Carol Soon from the Institute of Policy Studies elaborated on the importance of self-regulation, since attitudinal changes do not necessarily follow regulation, and that regulation could – in fact – lower social immunity for diversity. Themes related to anonymity on the Internet, the proposal for a “code of conduct”, as well as the notion of “balance” were raised during the question and answer segment.

Was disappointed with my own segment because I crammed too much content and spoke too quickly (in fact, probably the same problems with a previous session at RGS last year, sharing about research in community service), but it was great hearing from the other panellists. Still much to learn and work on for the future. Nevertheless, a big thank you to the friends who came by!

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3 thoughts on ““You Won’t Believe These Five Possibilities Of (And Threats To) Socio-Political Blogging In Singapore”

  1. Think big. Think how we all share the same problems. Think deconstructing the global rulership.

    Posted by Mohamed | February 9, 2016, 2:27 pm


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