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Throwback: From The Breakfast Table, To The Middle Ground

Miss Bertha Henson at the book launch / Photo Credit: Ethos Books

Miss Bertha Henson at the book launch / Photo Credit: Ethos Books

In 2015 I started writing for “The Middle Ground”, almost two years after the “Breakfast Network” was shut down. It has been – and should still be – an enriching experience, even if I remained too thin-skinned for professionalism journalism in the future.

Read “From The Breakfast Table, To The Middle Ground“, and here’s a short excerpt:

“As a writer for the “Breakfast Network” in 2013 – or an “undie”, as the undergraduates were affectionately nicknamed – I was always nudged out of my comfort zone, even if I had penned socio-political commentaries on my own blog since 2009. In fact “you write like an old man” was her first feedback, when I first met Bertha (aka Madam) in 2012 at her university masterclass, after troubling her to go through my posts.

She never lowered the bar throughout that year. Neither did the team of “oldies’’, who pounced on our errors. I struggled for so long after my first assignment at Pink Dot – gathering notes, transcribing quotes, checking facts – that Madam took over the Google document and churned the article out in less than an hour. When I was writing a Pulau Ubin piece, she linked me up with a representative from the Singapore Land Authority, and with just five minutes to prepare and I fumbled through the interview without a recorder and properly-framed questions. I was a bag of nerves. Even when I felt more prepared to report a CPF protest at Hong Lim Park, Madam raised more points for improvement at the post-mortem.”

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