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Youth Career Platform “Todo Todo” Has Much To Do

About 100 guides have come on board so far, in sectors such as information technology, banking, and finance and education” (Career Mentors To Help Youths Boost Job Prospects, Toh Ee Ming).

Taken from http://www.anneryancareers.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Career-Guidance-Dublin.jpg.

The website, in particular, leaves much to be desired.

Young Singaporeans will benefit from career mentorship and guidance, especially within a global economic landscape that is increasingly competitive and ambiguous, and therefore on paper the new initiative “Todo Todo” – a new mentorship programme which matches young job seekers with older volunteer career guides, who are “young PMEs with at least five years of working experience” (May 1, TODAY) – should provide participants with greater career and industry knowledge. As it stands, however, on its new website and its mobile app, there is still much for the People’s Association and the National Trades Union Congress to do, to improve the user experience and ultimately to make it easier to access the matching platform and network.

The website, in particular, leaves much to be desired. The list of events appears to be a convenient reproduction from the SkillsFuture website, and more often than not the registration link takes the user to an external link. The concept of such a directory – across social media sites – is already ubiquitous, so duplicating these entries make little sense. The same can be said about the list of careers too. The page itself, in addition, is unwieldy and disorganised, because the user cannot filter the entries across criteria such as job types, industries, and location. The functionality of the mobile app is just a little better, but even the “jobs” tab, for instance, allows for entries to be filtered by industry types only – nothing else.

Fundamentally, as a user navigates through the website and the mobile app, the purpose of the initiative becomes more convoluted. The assumption is that the team of developers is still working out kinks – and there are many, for an initiative which promises to give “youths more learning opportunities, networking, and targeted help in their career advancement plans” – and that the actual matching platform and network will eventually be rolled out, yet it is disappointing. Greater clarity about what “Todo Todo” wishes to achieve in the long-term (tied to tangible indicators) and the nature of the online and offline interactions between the young job seekers and the older career guides should hence be a useful starting point.

A version of this article was published in TODAY.

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