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#NDRsg: The 2017 National Day Rally In Tweets

Missed the 2017 National Day Rally (NDR) by Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong? As an extension of my live-blogging in 2012 and in 2013 (after my first NDR experience in 2011), here’s a chronological collection of my tweets from the evening.

For The Middle Ground, a week before, I did an analysis of all the past 51 NDR speeches (from 1966 to 2016):

PM Lee started, as usual, with his Malay and Mandarin speeches, and the angling and the order of topics differ:

Sneaked in policy messages related to active ageing and the elderly embrace of technology, during his Mandarin speech:

Before taking a very different approach – compared to his predecessor – to convince overseas Singaporeans to return:

There were three big themes in his English speech: pre-school education, diabetes, and the “Smart Nation” initiative. On the first, there will be more places and a new National Institute for Early Childhood Development (which should guarantee professional development, competitive careers, and career progression), though one move sounded suspiciously familiar:

“Have more babies” featured again, but pre-school education is but one challenge for young Singaporean parents:

On (the war on) diabetes, the prime minister made a really weird innuendo:

Throughout this NDR speech too, the product placements never stopped coming:

And coming:

Finally, on “Smart Nation”, PM Lee urged more to do engineering or computer science, over economics or liberal arts:

Summa summarum: This was his shortest speech ever, with – what I thought – was a really neat ending:

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