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The Long-Term Outcomes Of Community Service: Youth Contribution And Its Implications For Social Service Research In Singapore

I spoke on the children and youth panel at the CAPT Student Symposium, or CAPTISS, organised by the College of Alice and Peter Tan (CAPT) at the National University of Singapore on Saturday. My sharing was based on my ongoing study on the long-term outcomes of community service, as well as youth contribution and its implications for social service research in Singapore.

On the panel were two community projects and one research project, focusing on child abuse and the well-being of foster children and youth in Singapore. During the panel discussion which followed our four presentations, interesting questions were raised on programme evaluation, and in particular on how the “success” or “effectiveness” of a community project can be ascertained. When alluding to the logic model and the theory of change, I also – in my answer – highlighted the challenge of (self-response) bias and internal validity when beneficiaries are asked for their thoughts or feedback. Tangentially, the final question centred on improvements to school-based community service in Singapore.

These are the slides I used for the event:

The Long-Term Outcomes of Community Service

The Long-Term Outcomes of Community Service

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