A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. Carlos Castaneda.
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“The Straits Times” Should Charge For Premium Content. But Premium Content Ought To Be “Premium”.

These pressures on journalists are felt around the world, though in Singapore the landscape is also complicated by the persistence of media regulation through the Broadcasting Act and the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act. Even so, however, even within these modes of control of the mainstream media, ST – as Singapore’s highest-selling newspaper and by drawing from the country’s strategic location in Asia – has the potential to improve its offerings. Notwithstanding the seemingly imprecise between what is labelled “premium” and what is not, ST’s premium content should be communicated through more diversified modes or channels beyond print, should move beyond straight-up reports or even commentaries and editorials per se to more in-depth analysis, and should include long-form, long-term publications. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: America’s Geopolitical Adventures Abroad (April 16 to 21, 2018)

In the past week, the United States has had its geopolitical presence felt in North Korea and in Syria. In North Korea, it was announced that CIA Director Mike Pompeo – who is set to be the next Secretary of State – had made a secret visit to the country to meet with leader Kim Jong-un, marking “the highest-level contact between the two countries since 2000”. Ahead of the planned meeting between President Donald Trump and Mr. Kim, Singapore has also been listed one of five locations under consideration for this meeting. In Syria, American, British, and French forces hit Syria with air strikes, in response to a chemical attack on civilians in the country last week. Continue reading

James Thornton and Martin Goodman’s “Client Earth”

A short review of James Thornton and Martin Goodman’s “Client Earth”. Continue reading

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