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“Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics”: Surveys On Private School Graduates And Foreign Domestic Workers

Two surveys published in November – on private school graduates and foreign domestic workers in Singapore – drew contrasting interpretations, raising questions about how statistics is used. And more specifically, on the statistical issues of sampling, as well as study or survey design. Continue reading

In Defence Of The Scholar-General

A commentary argued that “the institutional culture of the Singapore Armed Forces might explain why scholar-generals may not necessarily make the best leaders once they are taken out of the military context”, but I think the argument is not a meaningful one, and distracts from the more pertinent issues of selection and competition: How scholars and scholar-generals are selected in the beginning and for future positions, and the extent to which pathways between the scholars and the non-scholars in the military and in the public sector are permeable. Continue reading

Do Smaller Class Sizes In Singapore Guarantee Better Outcomes? Run (Quasi-)Experiments

The longstanding debate on whether smaller class sizes in Singapore necessarily guarantee better outcomes – this time, following an exchange between Minister Ng Chee Meng and NCMP Leon Perera – can only be resolved with better data and information, acquired through (quasi-)experiments. Continue reading

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