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The Spirit Of The “Buffett Rule”

“Both approaches would be good starts toward making the rich pay a fairer share and reduce the mounting cuts to government programmes that benefit the less fortunate” (The “Buffett Rule”, International Herald Tribune Editorial). The editorial piece “The ‘Buffett Rule’” (February 3, 2012): wholesale, pedantic opposition to the proposition of having the country’s wealthiest individuals … Continue reading

Education In America: Holding Educators Accountable

Not only would outstanding teachers effectively empower schoolchildren with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the workplace, they can also impart values that would shape a student’s moral capacity and character. Clearly, there needs to be heightened discourse and engagement on this issue in the political spheres. Continue reading

Iraq’s Reconstruction: Can The United Nations Lend A Useful Helping Hand?

However, he has failed to highlight the lamentable lack of international awareness, and that endeavours by the United Nations (UN) – unfortunately – has been lacklustre at best. Continue reading

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