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Pax Sinica In The Age Of Trump

Yet what is less uncertain, it would appear, is the continued emergence of China as a global superpower. And in the next four or eight years of a Trump presidency in the United States, the geopolitical and economic effects of Chinese ascendancy will be felt most keenly in Asia. “Are we anticipating the end of an era, of American leadership”, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) James Crabtree asked the speakers in attendance, “[And if so] are we then headed towards an era of no leadership, or is it plausible [for a] Pax Sinica, that we are instead headed towards an era in which China will begin to start shaping the agreements that govern trade and commerce in Asia and beyond?” Continue reading

ASEAN Disunity A Problem For All, Including China

Inability of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to issue a joint statement on tensions in the South China Sea – not even mentioning the fact that the regional organisation first issued before retracting the statement, when two ASEAN countries withdrew their support (TODAY, Jun. 16) – is not only farcical, but also signals problems for the future. For a long time community-building has been a focus, with plans for integration under the ASEAN Community 2015 blueprint and for further cooperation by 2020, and persistent lack of consensus in the political-security pillars will have implications for the economic and socio-cultural pillars too. Continue reading

Time-Bound Goals For The ASEAN Community

For the Association of South East Asian Nations, or ASEAN, Community to take root – which is an ambitious attempt to “unite 625 million people belonging to different economic, ethnic, and legal systems into a region with even a minimal sense of common purpose and destiny” (ST, Nov. 27) – not only should member states go beyond economic cooperation per se, but they also have to agree upon more specific, time-bound goals for the future. This is especially crucial with a decision-making process marked by the need for consensus, and the consequent need for ASEAN to involve all 10 member states in discourse. Continue reading

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