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Challenging The Need For A (Private) Degree

A question which unfortunately remained unanswered in TODAY’s commentary (Apr. 7) on the comparatively low employment rate and starting salary of private school graduates – based on the findings from the latest graduate employment survey (GES) published by the Private Education Institute (PEI) – is the extent to which, in the first place, a (private) university degree is needed in Singapore. Continue reading

The Supply Of Skilled Labour Matters Too

If the problem of mismatch between jobs and skills – in which “the number of layoffs has surged to more than 13,600 in the first nine months of the year, the highest since the global financial crisis some seven years ago” (TODAY, Nov. 19) – is conceptualised as a mismatch between the supply of skilled labour in the classroom with the demand for it at the workplace, then the responsibility to fix this manpower crunch does not fall solely on the industries, even with their growing demands for skilled labour. Instead more attention should also be paid to the schools, to the schools offering technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in particular, on whether graduates are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, and whether graduates are prepared for a more ambiguous future. Continue reading

A Network Of Professional School Volunteers

The network of professional volunteers who will work with primary and secondary schools to “link them to industries and communities, to help students get a better idea of possible career options” (ST. Sept. 23) is a constructive undertaking by the Ministry of Education (MOE), though over time individual institutions – especially in the secondary schools, before their graduates decide on specialisations and courses in the institutes of higher learning – should be empowered by the MOE to build a more sustainable community of parents and alumni who will provide these connections in the future. Likewise, the work of these school-based communities should also “complement that of education and career guidance counsellors”. Continue reading

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