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Singapore’s Generation X, Y, Z: Shaking Off The Temptations Of Generalisations

“Like the fruit, some claim us Generation-Y folk are easily crushed under pressure. They say we fancy ourselves as cream of the crop, but come crunch time, we often than not get creamed” (In A Jam Over Strawberries, Miss Chung Lyn-Yi). I refer to the intriguing anecdotal commentary “In A Jam Over Strawberries” (March 27, … Continue reading

Increasing Effectiveness Of State Help Systems

“Citizens often need public servants – be they MPs or social assistance officers – to speak up for them. Tardiness or too much paperwork can disrupt the flow of aid. And many are turning to the Internet to air their grievances” (State Help Needs Flexibility, Miss Radha Basu). Referring to the article, “State Help Needs … Continue reading

Grassroots Involvement Is Only A Means To An End

“With a greater national focus on the issue of integration, constituencies such as Tampines Changkat – where the number of new citizens increased from 87 in 2007 to 168 last year – are also stepping up their efforts” (Welcoming Newcomers With Vouchers For Language Courses, Mr. Zul Othman). I refer to the article, “Welcoming Newcomers … Continue reading

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