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Please, Stop Throwing Anecdotes At Singapore’s Inequality And Class Divide Problems

The question, therefore, is not whether children from low-income families can make it to RI, become President’s Scholars, or succeed in life (answer: they can), but the proportion of children who actually do. Mapping out the extent to which these children and their families make it and the extent to which a level playing field exists – assuming that it is equity, not equality, we desire – are moreover useful for understanding the structural challenges they face. This also underlines a second opposition to the disproportionate emphasis on anecdotes (even well-meaning and meaningful ones): That structural problems demand structural solutions, not just piecemeal calls for changes in mindsets or stereotypes. Continue reading

Throwback: National Youth Council 2.0

After it was announced in 2014 that the National Youth Council would no longer be under the purview of the People’s Association, I expressed some scepticism over its programmes and activities. The letter – “More Than Autonomy Needed for NYC 2.0 to Work” – was published in TODAY, and its director Ng Chun Pin penned a reply, “NYC Committed to Evolve and Build Genuine Engagement with Youth”, a few days later. Continue reading

Poverty Data Will Help Non-Profits

More data on the poor in Singapore will not only help the government determine – more objectively – if its transfers and schemes have been effective, but also strengthen performance management and measurement of non-profits, which look to quantify their impact in communities. For at first glance the Household Expenditure Survey and the latest ComCare report show that households living in one- and two-room flats and those households in the bottom 20 per cent by income respectively are better off as compared to a decade ago. The excellent commentary by Miss Radha Basu however, having ploughed through “350 pages of [such] publicly released information” (ST, Oct. 5), reveals gaps. Continue reading

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