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Coordinating The Hands In “Many Helping Hands”

Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin raised the challenge of coordination, when different community groups or non-profit organisations offer assistance, programmes, or services. But two (policy) questions should emerge: Who should coordinate? And how should these groups or organisations coordinate? Continue reading

Better Data And Tools For Greater Social Good

That charities and leaders in the social service sector “are slowly warming up to the potential of mining big data and analysing it to identify social trends and solve social problems of the day” (ST, Jul. 24) is encouraging, and in particular needs analysis (understanding, for instance, the profile of the beneficiaries who require assistance) and programme evaluation (ascertaining the extent to which a project has been effective or successful, against benchmarks) should take centre stage. In fact, the intermediate steps preceding big data and analytics – that is, the collection, management, and usage of data in general – are equally critical too. And in this vein there are at least three ways through which such progress can be furthered. Continue reading

An Open Call: Community Projects (And Potential Volunteers) In Singapore

That is the objective of this short open call, to match the supply of these talents with the demand for their expertise in the NPOs, charities, or community groups as a start, in the lead-up to a bigger community. In the long-term, after all, these needs are best-served by an organic, online platform – many of which in different forms, I am told, have come and gone – but nonetheless I thought I would get something going first. Continue reading

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