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The Man Of The Protest Moment

And it seems like the three young speakers did take pages out of Miss Han’s book – unfortunately. In angry fits RP’s Miss Tyeisha Syaquilla, online writers Mr. Prabu Ramachandran and Mr. Ariffin Sha lambasted the ruling PAP for its perceived incompetence. Listening to the demagoguery in the middle of the crowd, and despite cognisance of the government’s missteps and shortcomings, one cannot help but wonder: what for? Continue reading

Heart Truths

Perhaps for a man of the PM’s repute the allegations could not go unnoticed. How should the rest of us react though? As it is with misinformation and disinformation readers must be more discerning, and in the long run avoid or counter sites which add nothing to discourse. Tiresome in the face of staunch opposition – for instance, of Mr. Ngerng insisting that all dissenting opinions were misguided – but it is an ideal we should all strive for. Continue reading

Heightening Meaningful Vis-À-Vis Interactions With Singapore’s Politicians

There is a multitude of benefits associated with heightening meaningful vis-à-vis interactions with Singapore’s politicians: these proactive measures can increase mutual communication between them and citizens, thereby promoting active citizenry; get interest groups – particularly youths – to emerge from apathy and lethargy; and render the electorate more well-informed. Continue reading

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