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Tackle Sexual Grooming Substantively

As well-intentioned their calls for more to be done to educate young people and their parents on online risks and sexual grooming may be (ST, Jan. 18), the parliamentarians and social workers quoted in the commentary stopped short of more substantive recommendations to educate children and their parents. They were quick to highlight the insufficiency of the current landscape against violations, the inability of Singaporean children to discern and protect themselves, as well as their ease in falling into online traps, but did not say more about the phenomenon, the present shortcomings, and the way ahead. Continue reading

An Exercise In Futility

I must be the only one who reckons that the proposed anti-harassment Bill that will be tabled in Parliament later – to curb cyberbullying and other extreme misbehaviour on the Internet – is an exercise in futility. Practically, it would be near-impossible for the authorities to trace sources, to identify and apprehend anonymous individuals who have broken the law. How do you pin down the originator? Consequently pragmatically, the supposed signal of deterrence will lose its effect, especially when a derogatory post goes viral on social media channels. And even if the perpetrators are eventually nabbed, the damage would have been done. Continue reading

Push Against Cyber-Bullying Must Be Holistic

The decision to survey 3,000 students to assess the ramifications of cyberbullying and cyberspace addiction is timely, because the relevant agencies have thus far been content with superficial awareness campaigns, or piecemeal attempts at intervention and engagement. Consequently, what needs to follow – after the study concludes in 2015 – is for different government departments and other organisations to craft holistic policies collectively. Continue reading

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