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Domestic Workers Not Long-Term Solution For An Ageing Population

The fact that domestic workers in Singapore are forced to take on more roles and duties – as chauffeurs, as tutors, as illegal business workers, and “increasingly hired to care for the elderly or the disabled, and perform medical duties” (ST, Mar 12) – is probably reflective of two unsustainable socio-economic phenomena: that of the over-reliance on domestic workers and the lack of strong legislation to protect them, and that of the policies to care for an ageing population. And as a result of these suboptimal arrangements domestic workers are oftentimes overburdened, the elderly get less-than-adequate care, and the young families supporting and financing these individuals respectively are forced to shoulder more responsibilities. Everybody loses. Continue reading

Making A Difference In Singapore: StandUpFor.SG

StandUpFor.SG is a movement of optimism and love for the many people that have made Singapore what it is today. Certainly, there are several groups to have gratitude for, including our foreign friends and the many less advantaged in Singapore. Continue reading

Transportation In Singapore: Platform Gap, Much Ado About Nothing?

Any suggestion for immediate rectification is knee-jerk in nature, which fails to recognise that it is imperative for commuters to exercise a degree of self-responsibility – especially if travels are made on public transportation on a regular basis – and to be cognisant of the various risks prevalent throughout journeys. Continue reading

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