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Posting Environmental Impact Studies Online Should Be The Norm, Not The Exception

It seems curious to me that “government agencies will consider doing the same for future [environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports], especially if there is significant public interest involved” (TODAY, Feb. 27), when the online release of such EIA reports should be the norm, not the exception. In particular when the notion of “significant public interest involved” can be ambiguous. While there is no law mandating the need for these studies to be conducted or made public, the recent debate surrounding the implications of the first phase of the Cross Island Line signals interest from the general public. It should also allow the government to gauge sentiments, enriching discourse in the process. Continue reading

Cleaning Up Our Act

Ascertaining the latter would be useful for the NEA when it is planning new ways to engage the public beyond the “Clean and Green Week” initiative. It is convenient to proclaim success through feedback exercises with participants claiming that they learnt something, yet much harder to track behavioural changes as a result of a programme. Cognisant that the deterrent effect of punishments is limited (a quick look at the number of re-offenders might justify this), the ultimate intent is therefore for Singaporeans to manage their consumption habits and take greater responsibility in public spaces. Mindsets must shift. Continue reading

Will The Ramifications Of Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Be Forgotten By ASEAN?

“Americans join Japanese in figuring how to scrap reactors safely” (Crucial Next Steps In Nuclear Crisis, Mr. Ken Belson). The news report “Crucial Next Steps In Nuclear Crisis” (April 9, 2011) by Mr. Ken Belson: prior to the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan, member nations of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) were enthusiastically … Continue reading

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