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Cycling On Singapore’s Public Roads: A Former Cyclist’s Perspective

I was an avid cyclist myself, riding long distances around the island. Safety is the responsibility of both drivers and cyclists, and it always takes to hands to clap. This is something that argumentative netizens always fail to consider before shooting off at either sides. Continue reading

Taking The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) System For Granted

The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system – institutionalised in 1998 – has been in place for over a decade; and even though there has been a multitude of controversy and public backlash suggesting the ineffectiveness of the system, little has been done on the part of the authorities to address the concerns. With the number … Continue reading

Singapore’s Transportation System Needs A Rework

“About 8.9 million journeys are made everyday, and that figure is expected to shoot up by 60 per cent to about 14.3 million” (A Question Of Supply And Demand, Mr. Loh Chee Kong). I read with interest the report, “A Question Of Supply And Demand” (June 26, 2010) by Mr. Loh Chee Kong, on the … Continue reading

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