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DPM Teo And The Pre-University Seminar: Policy-Makers And Dialogue Sessions

Some would contend that the invited guests should be the ones answering questions and proffering solutions, others argue that participants should postulate relevant policy recommendations; however, my view is that both notions are not mutually exclusive. The best dialogue sessions are those where both parties discuss substantively along the same tangent, when suggestions are heard and debated complementarily. Continue reading

Fifth Azure, Author Of “**** You, DPM Teo”: Straits Times Article Up, Website Down

After I had penned and published the email reply to Fifth Azure on Monday (here), two things have happened: first, The Straits Times has published a commentary detailing what has transpired following the blog post; second, Fifth Azure – identified as Reuben Wang from Saint Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) – removed his articles before meeting … Continue reading

An Email Reply To Fifth Azure, Author Of “**** You, DPM Teo”

You could contend that respect has to be earned, that it goes both ways, and that DPM Teo’s responses and approaches did not merit your respect, but I believe that this notion – for me – forms the basis of effective communication. This is not a form of reverence or deference that emerges because of his authority or mandate as an elected representative; rather, the nuanced postulation of points is a form of basic respect for another person (any person). Continue reading

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