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Offer Details And Strategies To Help Financially-Strapped Older Singaporeans

While “the proportion of older Singaporeans who could meet their monthly household expenses and have some money left over increased by about half to 30 per cent from 2009 to 2017” (ST, May 10), the fact that 70.5 per cent of the 4,500 Singaporeans and permanent residents surveyed – aged 60 and above – believe that they have not been able to adequately meet their daily expenses warrants a deeper examination of the extent to which the elderly in the country are actually financially strapped, whether the combination of individual savings or personal income sources with familial and governmental support remains sustainable, and if there are serious systemic issues to be addressed. And if the cited factors for increased financial inadequacy, by the researchers, include the higher costs of living and rising healthcare expenses, for instance, what are the policies or strategies which might help alleviate the financial situation? Continue reading

Complement War On Diabetes With Better Education On Diabetes

Given the medical and economic costs associated with diabetes – and the alarming statistic the one in four Singaporeans already has diabetes or is at high risk of contracting it – few would disagree with the proposals by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to take tougher actions (ST, Dec 6): To ban high sugar drinks, to tax these drinks, to disallow their advertisement, or to stipulate prominent labels on them. Yet absent from the discourse is an evaluation and communication of how these proposals and their effects may vary (based either on MOH projections or case studies from abroad), the effectiveness of past and ongoing campaigns to increase awareness of excessive sugar consumption and of diabetes, as well as the persistence of these campaigns in the future. Continue reading

A More Precise Fight Against Sugar In Schools

Against the background of a nationwide campaign to fight diabetes, moves by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to encourage “schools to sell drinks with less sugar” (ST, Nov. 16) – so as to lower the consumption of carbonated drinks – are to be applauded. Critics, however, are also justified to argue that these moves may be unnecessarily intrusive. Continue reading

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