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The Complexity Of Social Mixing, Beyond The Housing Environment

The excellent report of the diverse residential experiences within Singapore’s only integrated housing block which mixes rental and purchased units (ST, Jun. 6) highlights both the potential and limits of government intervention to reduce socio-economic inequality or stratification – especially given that some from the purchased units appear disproportionately displeased with the arrangement, that residents of both groups have created and mostly stuck to their respective communication channels, and that online and offline interactions across the groups seem limited – brings attention to the perceptions we have of ourselves and the stereotypes we hold of other Singaporeans, and ultimately points to the complexity of social mixing in different settings. Academic researchers, in this vein, should also be prompted to further examine some of these questions on attitudes and behaviours of the residents and their families. Continue reading

National Day Rally 2013: Live-Blogging

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaks to the country tonight. Two new aspects this year: the location has shifted from the dreary, old National University of Singapore to the swanky, new Institute of Technical Education, and much of PM Lee’s message will be premised upon the year-long. Our Singapore Conversation process. Every year we do … Continue reading

Our Singapore Conversation: Hearing Meaningful Voices

Therefore, first, it is crucial for these upcoming conversations to not be crafted with the end in mind; in other words, the bureaucrats should not expect or pressure participants to posit policy recommendations. One does not have to offer solutions to articulate his viewpoint on an issue. The perpetual obsession with quantifying these experiences should not persist. Continue reading

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