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Poor Foreign Worker Meals Symptom Of Exploitation

The poor meals offered to foreign workers – revealed by a study by the National University of Singapore and HealthServe of 60 Bangladeshi workers living in the Tai Seng area (TODAY, Mar. 21) – is a symptom of broader exploitation in Singapore, made more evident by the responses of their employers and the food-catering companies. More concerned with their financial performance or low-margin operations and pushing the blame around, the welfare of foreign workers appears to be the least of their concerns. Continue reading

Domestic Workers Cleaning Windows: Kudos MOM, But More Can Be Done

First, the enforcement of legislative and punitive measures are important, because they set noticeable precedents to deter employers from unnecessarily endangering the lives of their domestic workers. Second, MOM has reiterated the significance of educating the domestic workers on the proper ways of handling laundry and cleaning windows, through programmes and safety messages. Continue reading

Dialogue In The Dark: Dialogue With Andreas Heinecke

Through the short hour or so, we heard Andreas share passionately about his history and undertakings, as well as the assorted challenges he has struggled with from the beginning. Here, I would just like to express two perspectives that I had gleaned from the session. Continue reading

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