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The Nursing Home Controversy: Enhancing Staff-Family Relationships

Taking into account the roles and responsibilities of the families and relatives, it seems more imperative for heightened endeavours to be dedicated to the enhancement of relationships between nursing staff and the residents’ kin. Continue reading

Addressing Cyberbullying: Beyond Awareness And Superficial Engagement

“A survey of young people aged 15 to 35 revealed yesterday that many of them, nearly seven in 10, have been on the receiving end of cyberbullying” (Move To Keep Gen Y-ired Safe, Mr. Kenny Chee). The report “Move To Keep Gen Y-ired Safe” (February 18, 2011) by Mr. Kenny Chee presents positive developments undertaken … Continue reading

The European Union’s Human Rights Failings Are The United Nations’ Failings

“Quiet dialogue with vicious regimes is often little more than a charade that protects the status quo” (Falling For Empty Talk On Human Rights, Mr. Kenneth Roth). Mr. Kenneth Roth’s commentary – “Falling For Empty Talk On Human Rights” (January 22, 2011) – overlooks one important concern; while the European Union (EU) has progressively settled … Continue reading

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