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Much-Needed Longitudinal Study On Early Childhood Development In Singapore

Given that existing studies focused on early childhood development in Singapore have been cross-sectional (that is, data analysis based on observations at a specific time point) and have relied on smaller samples (usually in the hundreds), the longitudinal and large-scale national study launched by the Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR) – which will also explore a broad range of factors, including “family resources and relations, parenting attitudes and practices, social support, childcare arrangement, and government policies” (ST, Oct. 18) – will be a much-needed research contribution. This is especially pertinent for public discourse and for policymaking, given the persistent discussions about the country’s inequality and class divide problems. Continue reading

The Inequality Debate: More Research And Narratives Needed To Advance Discourse On Solutions

Despite the anxiety to moot solutions so as to advance the inequality debate (and I am guilty as charged), what has instead emerged in the past few months is a research and narrative gap, across which interlocutors draw from their own work, personal experiences, or even anecdotes, without necessarily engaging one another substantively or agreeing on the fundamental questions or problems. The research gap persists, because beyond broad statistical indicators such as the Gini coefficient or intergenerational mobility, we still do not know enough about the needs and challenges of low-income Singaporeans. And the narrative gap emerges, because the low-income are rarely directly involved in the face-to-face discussions, discursive forums, and opinion pieces. Instead, they are represented through proxies: Researchers, politicians, and journalists. Continue reading

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