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The Weekly Global Roundup: 2018 In Review

Your cheat-sheet to developments around the world in 2018, and what to expect in 2019. For almost two years on a weekly basis, I have been summarising news stories across six regions – Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America – and for the first time I am summarising the biggest stories from 2018, focused on drawing links across the year. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: Disruptions To The Political Status Quo In Brazil And Germany (October 29 to November 3, 2018)

As far-right former army captain Jair Bolsonaro emerged as Brazil’s president-elect, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she would not seek another term as her country’s chancellor. In Brazil, Mr. Bolsonaro – who had won the first round of the presidential election earlier this month and who had been stabbed at a campaign event in September this year – was declared the winner of his country’s presidential election after winning more than 55 per cent of the vote. In Germany, where Miss Merkel’s coalition received the worst results since the Second World War in Bavaria’s regional elections last week and haemorrhaged support in the regional election of Hesse, the chancellor announced thereafter that she would not seek another term as chancellor. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: Flurries Of Floods, Hurricanes, And Typhoons (September 17 to 22, 2018)

Floods struck Nigeria, as Hurricane Florence struck North and South Carolina and as Typhoon Mangkhut struck the Philippines, before affecting China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Typhoons are in the northwest Pacific, while hurricanes are in the Atlantic and northeast Pacific. In Nigeria, floods – the effects of which are made worse by a growing population and the lack of infrastructure – killed more than a 100 people. In the United States, Hurricane Florence hit North and South Carolina, killing at least 41 people. And in Asia, Typhoon Mangkhut hit China, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines, killing at least 81 people in the Philippines. Continue reading

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