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One For Us, Not One Of Us

To some extent the proximity matters. It might be true that “[o]ne does not need to be poor to empathise with the poor’s daily struggles, but against a backdrop of widening income disparity the privileged ones from well-to-do families will be disadvantaged, especially if communication is handled poorly. Be that as it may the Singaporean politician’s actions and words must speak more loudly than their backgrounds per se. In the near future at least the electorate will still vote pragmatically, choosing the individual and party which promises the greatest socio-economic prosperity. One for us, not necessarily one of us. Continue reading

The Myth Of Meritocracy In Singapore?

Education can still empower one to climb up the socio-economic ladder (the administration – through scholarships and public platforms like the National Day Rally – likes to highlight the “success stories” of individuals); yet today, comparatively and anecdotally, it has become tougher to do so. Continue reading

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