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Along The Streets Of Helsinki

On a few occasions I have tried to strike up conversations with a beggar after I had dropped a one or two euro coin, but the language barrier meant we rarely went beyond the pleasantries. The stories – if some of the cardboard signs in Finnish, Swedish, and English are anything to go by – are similar: the need to support a large family back home without steady income, to pay for hefty medical bills, or to get enough money for food, transportation, and shelter. Photographs of young children and families often accompany these signs. The beggar sits or kneels gingerly on cardboards, clutching onto his or her plastic cups. Continue reading

Hefty Fines For Wealthy Speedsters

That the Finnish names Jaakko Rytsola, Anssi Vanjoki, and Jussi Salonoja feature whenever there are lists of the most expensive speeding tickets on record should come as no surprise. In Finland the fine for speeding is a function of the net income of the offender, which means that wealthier offenders pay progressively higher amounts. Internet … Continue reading

Empty Chatter On Cyber-Bullying

I too agree that education is the answer, yet the specifics have been glossed over. How to educate? By telling students that “cyberbullying” is categorically unacceptable; that prospective employers and universities would be less-than-impressed with their track records if they were bullies; that their friends and schoolmates will cast aspersions upon them? Continue reading

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