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Wong Souk Yee’s “Death Of A Perm Sec”

A short review of Wong Souk Yee’s “Death Of A Perm Sec”. Continue reading

Amanda Lee Koe’s “Ministry Of Moral Panic”

A short review of Amanda Lee Koe’s “Ministry Of Moral Panic”. Continue reading

Finding The Time To Read

To make sense of the figures from the 2015 National Literary Reading and Writing Survey, which in particular found that “only a paltry four in 10 had read a literary book in the past 12 months” (ST, Mar. 19), an examination of the reasons for Singaporeans not doing so is therefore important. And time was the most significant barrier, which may not be surprising for those who balance many commitments, even though the consensus that reading is beneficial should – in itself – galvanise more to be engaged in reading in spite of their other engagements. Continue reading

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