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Volunteers On The Police Prowl

The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Community Volunteer Programme has functioned for some years, yet whenever a news commentary features the team of volunteers who has the authority and power to book litterbugs one cannot help but problematise the endeavour. Furthermore the consistent observation that “offenders would usually comply with … requests to pick up their little without the need for [the volunteers] to whip out their authority cards” makes the entire venture even more puzzling. Surely without the training from the NEA these civic-minded Singaporeans would have kept others in check too. Continue reading

Volunteers On The Police Prowl For Litterbugs

Yet, this well-intentioned initiative is contrived, has the potential to engender needless distrust, and does not address the root of the problem. Pedantically motivated by the need for results – through the employment of enthusiastic Singaporeans and complementary, punitive measures – the fundamental importance of fostering responsibility has been overshadowed. Continue reading

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