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Challenging Bald Assumptions

Be that as it may, the next question emerges: why do schoolchildren, especially the older ones, need to seek permission to support whatever cause they believe in. The students could have gone ahead to join the fund-raising event organised by the Children’s Cancer Foundation without seeking approval. They have the right to do so, don’t they, especially if they can justify their participation? Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Singapore Conversations On Education

Unfortunately, I think the two biggest criticisms I have are: first, there was a consistent rehash of themes that have been highlighted before, and too little time to entertain multiple viewpoints (we had the people, but not the time); second, participants do not go away with a clear idea of how the OSC will pan out after the present phase. Continue reading

Education In Singapore: Practical Strategies To Strengthen Moral Education

Against this background, I thought it would be interesting to pick out some recommendations postulated by Mr. Kohn in his commentary, and to contextualise them accordingly. Continue reading

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