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The Weekly Global Roundup: Progress – Or The Lack Thereof – In Afghanistan And In Europe (October 15 to 20, 2018)

Afghanistan continues to be trapped in a circle of violence, the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) have made some progress, and in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition suffers another blow. In Afghanistan, a bomb went off at an election rally in Afghanistan, killing at least 22 people, and later in the week a bomb placed under a sofa killed an election candidate. In the EU and the UK, following an acrimonious clash last month, a deal seems more likely now, with the EU said to be offering the UK a Canada+++ deal. And in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition received another blow, as they received the worst results since the Second World War in Bavaria’s regional elections. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: Of Unstable Governments And Coalitions (February 5 to 10, 2018)

The governments and coalitions of the Maldives and Germany, respectively, are now characterised by instability. In the Maldives, the Supreme Court ordered the release of top opposition politicians – which would give the opposition the majority in the country’s assembly to potential impeach the president – yet President Abdulla Yameen has instead refused to comply with the order and has declared a state of emergency. Mr. Yameen also sent envoys to China, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, whereas opposition leaders have urged India to intervene. And in Germany, even though Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed on a coalition deal with her previous governing partners, including the Social Democrats, her conservative party had to give up the finance ministry, and the outcome of the deal is contingent upon a vote by members of the Social Democratic Party. The three parties returning to government, moreover, had their worst electoral showing last year since the 1940s. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: The Fallout From The Independence Referendums (October 30 to November 4, 2017)

Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan, in their respective referendums, voted for independence, yet leaders of these independence movements are now dealing with the fallout. In Catalonia, the Spanish government – after the Senate approved these emergency measures – has moved to impose direct rule, and thereafter announced new elections. Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont dispelled rumours that he was seeking asylum in Belgium, and “vowed to accept [the] snap elections called by Spain’s central government”. Elections, however, are “unlikely to put an end to Spain’s worst political crisis in four decades”. In Iraqi Kurdistan, the declaration of independence which followed its referendum triggered a military response by the Iraqi government, and the longtime president of the region Masoud Barzani has resigned. Continue reading

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