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Singapore And Worker Productivity: A Layman’s Perspective

“And with foreign workers, making up about one-third of our current workforce, the question that has inevitably been raised is how well they are performing in relation to Singaporeans” (Can We Compare Local, Foreign Worker Output?, Miss Cheow Xin Yi). The report “Can We Compare Local, Foreign Worker Output?” (January 21, 2011) by Miss Cheow … Continue reading

Toy Hazards In Singapore? Case Cannot Do It Alone

“A recent Case test of 50 toys bought from major stores found that nearly half had excessive amounts of toxic chemicals such as lead and phthalates – a substance that helps make plastic flexible” (Are We Toying With Danger?, Miss Jessica Lim). I refer to the news report, “Are We Toying With Danger?” (October 24, … Continue reading

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