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For Community Engagement, Both The Government And Citizens Matter

Few will disagree with the proposition that community engagement, when done effectively, could reduce groupthink within the public sector, increase policy engagement and discussions among citizens, and improve government legitimacy (TODAY, Oct. 21). Already the government touts its plethora of endeavours in recent years, such as Our Singapore Conversation and the SGfuture as indications of its willingness to listen to Singaporeans, and on the other hand Singaporeans are banding in civil society groups and through online platforms to get perspectives across. Yet the next question – which I think is tougher to answer – is how effective engagement can be achieved. Continue reading

Throwback: SG50: Of Celebration And Contemplation

Before the SG50 celebrations kicked into gear last year, I wrote about the complementary need for reflexivity and contemplation, with the encouragement of conversations for instance. Continue reading

Calls For Discourse Diversity Not New

Calls “for views to be gathered from avenues beyond government-endorsed dialogues, such as blogs, forums, or civil society” (TODAY, Jan. 16) have existed for some time, even before President Tony Tan, in his opening address to the 13th Parliament, highlighted the need to refresh Singapore’s political system. What is less clear is how these aspirations will be achieved, beyond the convenient – but tired – strategies of dialogues or public consultations organised by the government. Continue reading

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