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What Is A Teacher To Do?

Miss Ng should understand that in a class of thirty the teacher has to deal with thirty sets of parents, each with its fickly preferences and peculiarities. Too many messages for some, too few correspondences for others. Too inquisitive for some, too irresponsible for others. Pretty sure that “Catering to the Whims and Fancies of Every Parent” is not a module in the NIE course. Parents should manage their expectations on the terms of the overburdened teachers. Continue reading

Singapore’s Education System: A Fair Assessment?

With a confluence of harsh criticisms – from parents, students and even educators – hurled against the status quo, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some observations postulated in the article (with respective inputs), and to value-add the present discussions for reform or the introduction of recommendations. Continue reading

Rote Memorisation In Singapore’s Education System: The Elephant In The Room

It is the elephant in the room; a common problem constantly highlighted by parents, students and educators, but seemingly ignored conveniently by the administrators at the Ministry of Education (MOE). The challenges of continued rote memorisation and the corresponding absence of creativity in the education system remain prevalent, and inadequate measures have been instituted by … Continue reading

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