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Will The Ramifications Of Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Be Forgotten By ASEAN?

“Americans join Japanese in figuring how to scrap reactors safely” (Crucial Next Steps In Nuclear Crisis, Mr. Ken Belson). The news report “Crucial Next Steps In Nuclear Crisis” (April 9, 2011) by Mr. Ken Belson: prior to the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan, member nations of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) were enthusiastically … Continue reading

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Not The Sole Responsibility Of Russia And The United States

“European foreign ministers urge the U.S. and Russia to ratify new START” (New Start Matters, The New York Times). The letter “New Start Matters” (December 18, 2010) by the European foreign ministers: peripheral pressures calling for the United States and Russia to ratify a new START are well-intentioned and properly positioned. In the realm of … Continue reading

A Southeast-Asian Nuclear Renaissance? Better Think Twice.

“In South-east Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam have expressed interest in nuclear power and Singapore announced earlier this year it was conducting a feasibility study” (An Asian Nuclear Renaissance, Miss Venessa Lee). The report, “An Asian Nuclear Renaissance” (October 24, 2010) by Miss Venessa Lee, is a balanced commentary on the scientific and socio-political debates … Continue reading

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