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A Tale Of Two Singapore Conversations On Education

Unfortunately, I think the two biggest criticisms I have are: first, there was a consistent rehash of themes that have been highlighted before, and too little time to entertain multiple viewpoints (we had the people, but not the time); second, participants do not go away with a clear idea of how the OSC will pan out after the present phase. Continue reading

The ‘A’ Level Examinations: Of Naming Top Students

The message has to be consistent. If the MOE is insistent that every school is a good school, and that trumpeting one’s accolades is a bad thing, then the ban has to be widened (both propositions, in any case, I do not concur with). Continue reading

Singapore’s National Conversation: When Politicians Do Not Have All The Answers…

The National Conversation, hence, needs to be framed around the citizen. More often than not, present initiatives are overwhelmingly didactic, with too much emphasis placed on guest politicians who indulge in nifty monologues and explanatory expositions instead of actually conversing with audiences. Continue reading

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