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The Myth Of Meritocracy In Singapore?

Education can still empower one to climb up the socio-economic ladder (the administration – through scholarships and public platforms like the National Day Rally – likes to highlight the “success stories” of individuals); yet today, comparatively and anecdotally, it has become tougher to do so. Continue reading

Education In Singapore: Student-Led Conferences

If the working parents struggle with their commitments, and overburdened educators simply do not have the time, it would therefore make sense to introduce student-led conferences in more Singapore schools. Continue reading

Cyber-Wellness Programmes: Raising Collaboration And Interactivity

The sentiments expressed by the interviewed parents are not surprising. While they are cognisant of the dangers of social media and the Internet, it is likely that school sessions are treated with disdain because they are often unnecessarily pedantic, repetitive, or monotonous. Continue reading

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