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People’s Association: Searching For A Way Forward

Therefore, moving forward from these exchanges, stakeholders should be looking at constructive ways to work around these rigid constraints, and simultaneously introduce recommendations and amendments for the People’s Association. Continue reading

Should President Tony Tan Consider Taking Chinese Lessons?

Unfortunately, President Tan’s considerably poor fluency in the Chinese language might render communication with Chinese-educated Singaporeans challenging, and inhibit him from executing these aforementioned ceremonial duties effectively. Continue reading

Post-Mortem: The Significance Of The Presidential Elections

The 2011 Elections have specifically: i) increased the population’s comprehension of the President’s duties, and allowed them to become more cognisant of the office and its constraints; ii) heightened discourse on pertinent political and socio-economic issues on the Internet and in traditional media; and iii) enhanced the public stature of the Presidential candidates, empowering them with more influence and prominence for future dialogue. Continue reading

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