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Appreciating Mr. Tan Jee Say’s Tenacity: Advancing Active Citizenry

While some opponents might dismiss his style of disagreement as being a tad confrontational, it would be hard to overlook his positive enthusiasm over important political and socio-economic issues, or to identify with his tenacity to highlight inconvenient subjects which have to be adequately addressed. Continue reading

A Presidential Election And Its Benefits: A Young Singaporean’s Perspective

It is not surprising that younger voters in general have adopted comparatively laissez-faire attitudes; given that the presidential position is far removed from their respective constituencies, too distanced from on-the-ground developments to yield well-informed influence, and that some candidates are considerably foreign to the populace. Continue reading

Presidential Elections: What Televised Programmes Should Include

Since television has been widely-promoted as the primary means for election candidates to pitch their cases and prove their eligibility convincingly, it would make perfect sense for the broadcasts to be made more constructive and distinctive for healthy discourse to proliferate off-air. Continue reading

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